Our draped photo booth has some distinct advantages over hard-sided photo booths. 

A Photo Booth Mania photo booth at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel for a wedding reception of 250.

One of our earliest decisions was to use draped photo booths instead of a hard-sided photo booths. Here's why: 

A photo booths with more room inside.

The hard sides of a hard-sided photo booth actually limits the number of people that can fit inside. On the other hand, the drapes on our draped photo booth are very accommodating to elbows, shoulders, hips and other pointy body parts. How many people can fit inside a photo booth? Although we try to discourage it, we've had as many as 15. It makes for an interesting photo, and think of all the fun your group will have squeezing in. You'll find a pic of the 15 in a photo booth just to the right.

A photo booth that is extremely portable .

They arrive in a couple of 18-gallon containers along with a frame and a sub-frame. If necessary, our photo booth can easily be carried up a flight of stairs or through a door as narrow as 16 inches. In an extreme case, it can be put through a window.

A photo booth that won't damage floors, walls or fixtures.

Venues are often wary about hard-sided photo booths, which often are heavy and awkward to move. Moving them in and out of a venue can easily damage floors, walls or fixtures, the cost for which clients are usually held responsible.

A photo booths that is less expensive to rent.

Because hard-sided photo booths can be more cumbersome to transport and require a special vehicle (ours transport in any standard automobile), they generally turn out to be more expensive to rent than hard-sided photo booths.

What's important and what's not.

It's important to remember, too, that you're not buying the photo booth, only renting it for a couple of hours. Long after the event is over, and the style of the photo booth becomes just a fading memory, the prints and images are what will remain, and that's what's most important. 

Other important Photo Booth Mania photo booth features:

✓ An actual photo booth with four walls that provide complete privacy for your guests and automated picture-taking.

✓ Press a single button, and the photo booth takes 4 unique poses just five seconds apart––automatically––whether guests want the pictures taken at that precise time or not.

✓ Photos printed on-site quickly and automatically. Guests exit the photo booth to find their photos being printed out.

✓ Guests see themselves in "Live View" mode on our Mirror Image Monitor. Practice your poses before and during picture-taking. 

✓ Know when the shutter clicks with our Countdown Screen. As the photos are taken, the monitor cues guests, counting down, "Five seconds...four...three...two...one..."Get Ready!".

✓ High resolution digital images. High quality Canon cameras exclusively. Resolution is never less than 5 megapixels, so enlarging is easy.

✓ Backup equipment assures reliability. If an equipment problem arises (it rarely does), we've got it covered. Our photo booth attendants bring important backup equipment, including a brand new printer, to every job.

When is a photo booth not a photo booth?

Businesses that offer "Photo booths without the photo booth" are not photo booth providers, they are simply photographers with a backgrounds and perhaps some special lighting.

In our opinion, two major elements are required of a photo booth: (1) It must provide complete privacy and (2) it must provide automated picture-taking.

Without privacy and automation, your guests will experience neither the fun and excitement that only a genuine photo booth can provide, nor the proper ambience required in order to result in genuine photo booth-type photos.

Photo Top: A Photo Booth Mania photo booth at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel just prior to a wedding  reception for 250 guests.

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